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RCGNE Onsite Management
About RCGNE.
At RCGNE, we understand that each business is unique in their information systems needs. We specialize in designing, installing and assessing networks, repairing or configuring hardware, and other software systems that optimize business performance, security and profitability.
Onsite Management
People and processes that make technology work.

RCGNE is focused on helping our clients succeed and improve their competitive position through a focused approach to information technology. Our technical team designs, builds and supports your mission-critical systems, in partnership with you. We help you stretch your IT budget by working quickly and efficiently, and managing project costs.

IT Consulting
World-class design...with integrated IT solutions.

As an extension of your IT Department, we are in a position to provide flexibility as well as technical expertise in many areas. Whether it's supplementing your IS team to meet deadlines or completely managing and delivering projects, our engineers and project managers deliver results. Each has a proven track record of delivering solutions that leverage existing IT investments, meet the client's unique needs, while consistently being on time and within budget.

Application Hosting
Application hosting and management.

Application hosting is a breakthrough technology delivering high-end network and computing solutions without the high-end prices. Small and medium sized companies can now take advantage of computing power previously only affordable to the Fortune 500. Users can access a Windows desktop and network resources that appear to be executing locally, but are in fact executing remotely.